Synthesizing customer satisfaction with high-level technological opportunities with the most experienced and educated team of the financial markets, WALFA is an industry leader that has fully adopted corporate governance principles.

WALFA has been enabling its investors to reach Tier 1 liquidity in foreign exchange, commodities and stock markets for years.

All major currency pairs and cross rates, oil, precious metals, stock indices, blue chips and the largest set of cryptocurrency pairs are featured on WALFA.

Why U.S?

WALFA consists of trained and experienced expert teams.

Having high-level technology and a very strong financial structure, the company provides services with a customer satisfaction-oriented approach.

It is honored to provide fast and secure services to all its investors.

WALFA, which always maintains its dynamic, reliable and innovative perspective, provides its investors with a unique investment experience.



You can benefit from unlimited privileges by moving your Forex account to WALFA, which is the number 1 brokerage house in the world.


Trade safely with competitive spread rates and fast transaction features of WALFA.



Our Values

Financial Strategy

It does not matter whether you are a newcomer to the market or experienced. Each individual has a unique financial structure and goals. WALFA team looks at investor-specific strategies as the key to success.

Free Trainings

The financial world is a diverse and highly sophisticated market. The more knowledge you acquire, the sooner you will achieve success. WALFA provides you with entry-level and intermediate-level forex training with the support of expert trainers. All you have to do is contact the live support.

Asset Management

It There are hundreds of assets in the Forex market. Each of them has separate features and entry/exit times. It is very important for profit to know what factors are caused by the possible rise or fall of an asset. The expert WALFA team is available 24/7 to help you identify and manage the right assets for you.

Your Earnings Mean Our Success

WALFA has been maintaining its leading position in the international financial market for 10 years. WALFA employees are experts in creating the right strategy. Any financial statement can quickly reach profits with the right strategy. The greatest achievement for WALFA is gaining the trust of its investors. Since it is an exemplary brokerage house with its strong financial and corporate structure, it has been leading the sector for years.

Demo Account

Who said you can't win without taking risks? With the free demo account, you can trade on up-to-date data and test yourself before entering this challenging market. When you create a demo account, 10000$ virtual money is loaded into your account. You can buy or sell any asset with this virtual currency, and the unique information obtained will be useful when you open a real account.


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Our advantages

With the high leverage rates offered by WALFA, you can earn more by investing less.

The success rate of free analysis prepared by experienced and competent market analysts is 88 percent and our investors can benefit from it free of charge.

With the two-way investment opportunity offered by WALFA, you can profit from both the rise and fall.

WALFA is the fastest investment and withdrawal company in the industry, offering 24/7 investment and withdrawal opportunities from all countries.

Thanks to the wide variety of accounts specially prepared for each investor, you can trade in accordance with your budget and strategy.



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